The World’s First 4K VR 3D Live Streaming Camera

Do live streaming or capture 4K@30FPS video compatible with Google VR180 specifications

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A Versatile Stand-Alone 4K VR180 3D Camera

NANO has Micro-USB and Typc-C dual interface, parallel data transmission and external charging for long-term recording and live VR 3D video

Videos Better Than The Real Thing

4K Live Streaming

NANO connects mobile phones (Type-C or lightning interface) and PC, which is a multi-scene 3D video recording and live broadcast that other products do not have.

High pass through DoubleFish-Eye Lens

NANO’s high-through-fisheye lens ensures instant delivery and directly generates the ultra-high definition 4K 3D movies for your need.

The Affordable 4K and VR180 3D Camera that Allows for Crystal Clear Live Streaming

Maybe you are a video shooter, a Vlogger or an anchor, and NANO is new 3D technology will make a difference to your unique creativity.

Bandwidth savings

3D Visual Experience

Share in real time

4K Live Streaming

Mountable, Portable, and Compact

NANO aviation aluminum frame is sturdy and durable, pocket black technology, easy to use outdoors, ready to shoot, live dynamic VR 3D video

A Truly Immersive Visual Experience,Share real scenes and emotions

Compatible with video and live broadcast platforms such as Google, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram